2. Hat store, with owner peering out, in the center of Montpellier.

  3. Mobile.

  4. Part of the deck around the pool. This was in Miami Beach, Florida. Taken late November or early December 2013. Around 10pm after dinner and a little wine. Blurred with a gentle vertical sweep.

  5. Travel. Movement. Change. Courage. Where are the cherries when you need them?

  6. True beauty can’t be measured or counted. Technology, perfection via the numbers for a lens or sensor on charts have no link to beauty. He was on his terrace with binoculars. “Is beauty love?”



  8. Politicians

    They want me to live their dream,

    but I don’t like their dream…


  9. Gossip…

    "Karl told Evelyn

    that he put his ‘tea pot’

    in Sheryl night before last.”

    "Did Evelyn tell you?"


  10. The first day…

    I’ve often mistaken light for good

    and the crowd for comfort…